Saturday, 16 November 2013

Non Parlo Italiano

I feel like I need a holiday to get over my holiday! It's always the way isn't it?

I had an exceptionally busy week in the run up to heading off: on Sunday I was performing at a lovely little bar; Ain't Nothin' But... near Carnaby Street alongside the lovely Felicity Furore. In a rare lapse of concentration I forgot to take any mirror pictures! However it was a fabulously fun evening, dancing to live bands: quite scary as I was never quite sure what they were going to play, or when they were going to finish, and I definitely didn't take the right costumes for a teeny-tiny little stage but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was skating almost every day this week, and learned a couple of new moves that I really like. We have a big, exciting project coming up that I can't tell you about just yet but do keep your eyes peeled on Twitter this week to find out all the gossip!

I was back at Proud Cabaret at the weekend for a raucous night headed by Joe Morose

Mirror Picture! With Taz Zebrowski, Leah Debrincat, Teddy Boylesque, Jolie Papillon and Joe Morose!

Fucked-Up Family Photos...

Then once the show was over and done, I was officially on holiday for the first time in about five years!!

Off-duty Showgirl!

We flew from Gatwick to Malpensa in Milan to stay with friends for a couple of days near Chiasso, which is just over the border in Switzerland. I loved the fact that we could nip out for dinner in Switzerland or just hop over an international border into Italy: which we did several times!

I ate so much wonderful food; Taz had a photoshoot with Vikings; we played at being tourists in Milan, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and I even managed to fit in a couple of writing sessions for my NaNoNovel!

ALL the food!

Gorgeous scenery

One of my NaNo writing sessions while Taz was on a photoshoot ** Grotthard Cafe: the most deluxe rock bar in the world!

Zebrowski Photography on location with Vikings

Il Duomo: Milan

Castello Sforzesco: Milan

The weather stayed beautiful every day we were there: even though it was cold it was bright and sunny, and the scenery was just stunning. It was lovely to meet Laura and Dom, who we stayed with and made the whole trip so fabulous. I've also decided that I want to learn Italian as we hope our next holiday will be to Rome, and admittedly we struggled on our own when we went into Milan. 
I just think it's such a useful skill, to be able to speak another language. I'm passable in French but would love to improve, and I adore the musicality of Italian!
Unfortunately on the way home there was an accident that delayed the coach and the flight company wouldn't let us board. We ended up having to pay a massive "fine" and wait for 19 hours for the next available flights!! I was *not* a happy bunny, I can assure you! 

Our patch in the departure lounge: I got a *lot* of writing done here though!

On our arrival back home it was straight back into the fray: I was skating on Friday morning to learn a whole load of choreography and after all my progress over the last couple of weeks I felt like I had taken a huge step backwards. I guess it'll take a good practice or two to find my ice legs again.


Burlesque On Ice branding! Fleece, Skate Bag (that I customised just a little!) and oyster-card holder!

On Friday night I was performing back at Proud Cabaret and it was a lovely night: the murder mystery story is so well thought out and executed, I love it!

Mirror Picture! With Teddy Boylesque, Mat Ricardo, Taz Zebrowski, Slinky Sparkles (Mister Meredith is hidden behind Slinky's hair, but he's there!) and Betsy Rose!

Then I was out for another full day on Saturday: the gorgeous Kiss Me Deadly were running a special stockings promotion and I spent the day demonstrating burlesque-style stocking removal: and I got to play dress-up as well!


Stocking removal and dressing up at Kiss Me Deadly!

And finally, I rounded off a hectic fortnight back at Proud Cabaret for a wonderful Saturday night show:

Mirror Picture! With Leah Debrincat, Mama Rose, Betsy Rose and Freida Rose!

I am the most tired right now, and there's no rest for the wicked as I have another wonderful but busy week ahead of me - Bring. It. On!

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