Friday, 31 January 2014

Burlesque On Ice Rehearsals - Week Three!

It's the final countdown - nananaanaaaaa!

The last couple of weeks I've been sharing all the gossip from behind the scenes of Burlesque On Ice rehearsals - and now we're into week *three*!!

Eep - this week has been manic! Fabulous fun but crazy busy as we gear up for the show in a couple of days... So, how did we spend our final week before showtime?!

This morning Ruby Deshabille, Trixie Kixx, Bonnie Fleur and I joined the fabulous Danni Dee at a rehearsal studio in North London to work on the finale for Act 2 of the show - proper showgirl dancing and it was amazing! I've not really done proper full out dance routines since leaving college; other than a couple of small shows and corporate bits and bobs and it was lots of fun.

In the afternoon we went back over to the rehearsal rooms to continue the ice section of the show with Hollie Deller; we spent a couple of hours going over the choreography, cleaning and changing one or two bits, then had time to work on our individual solo routines too before getting our skates sharpened - it's very sticky now!

Our own personal ice sharpening machine!

I was up early this morning, which regular readers to this blog will know I *hate* but needs must, and all that (our cat was back at the vet for a check up at cock-o-clock in the morning)

Before rehearsals I nipped over to Leicester Square for a very brief meeting with Antonia to swap some costume bits and try on the dress for my ice solo - it's going to be gorgeous and I'm so excited about it!

A sneaky mirror picture (in sexy grey tights) while being fitted for my costume!

We spent the rehearsal drilling and refining the group numbers; Hollie wants them to be so ingrained it's more muscle memory than anything else so we can concentrate on giving the performance of our lives rather than worrying about the steps! Then after going through our solos one by one we did a run-through of the whole of Act Three!

And I got chilly...

WednesdayAnother fun day - we went through the group routines and solos several times and they're looking SO good now!

Absolutely exhausted as a couple of us went out for a few sneaky beverages to send off Glorian Gray who was heading back up North for the last time before show week!

Playing and practising: Ruby Deshabille, Jasz Vegas, Joe Morose and Trixie Kixx!

This is how you finish a rehearsal day!

A long day, but a good one all told! This morning I went to the dance studio with Ruby, Trixie and Bonnie to rehearse the showgirl dance number and had a lovely couple of hours gossiping and dancing around.

In the afternoon we went back to the rehearsal hall; the whole show is looking so slick and polished now - I just want to get on and show everyone how good it is!!

Leggings Brigade! With Jasz, Rosie and Ruby!

We also had a sneaky peek of the pro skaters photos from Tigz Rice Studios - bloody hell they look amazing!!! I'm not allowed to share them yet but I have this picture that Hollie took of a pro-skaters time-out with the Burlesque Bible!

And once again - the BEST way to round off a rehearsal day!

Last day in the rehearsal rooms! We did two full show runs today and it was wonderful to see it come together - we don't rehearse our sections at the same time as the pro skaters so we rarely get to see their routines, although it was SO nerve-racking having them watch ours!

Spiral from my solo!

In the afternoon, we dolled ourselves up and went out to Camden, flyering for the show, with Sarah and Hollie in off-ice skates! There are few things in life funnier than two vintage showgirls in fur coats, on skates, in the rain! It was great fun.

Heading out with Trixie, Sarah, Hollie and Bonnie!

Promotion... honestly! ** Vintage ice skates!

Love BOI!

So that's it - it's the end of the rehearsal weeks and as of Sunday we're into show week - it's terrifying and exciting in equal measure but I can't wait for the results of everyone's hard work over the last few months to come together into a spectacular production...

Will you be there?!

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