Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cabaret and Pirate Cats

It's been another busy week with Burlesque On Ice rehearsals - the show's really come together and it's going to be amazing!

More tube posters!

Fortunately I had a relatively quiet weekend so I could recover and psyche myself up for this coming week, which is going to be *intense*!!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may know that one of my cats disappeared for a while - twelve days! - but he came back this week which is amazing and we're so happy to have him home.

When we were giving him some food the night he arrived home we noticed that he was rolling his jaw while he was trying to chew, and also saw that one of his eyes wasn't responding to light. Worried, we took him straight to the vet the next morning, and after keeping him in for scans and x-rays we were told he had dislocated his jaw and had nerve damage in his eye; on Thursday he went in for an operation to rewire the jaw and have his eye removed.

Pirate Cat!

He's home now and acting as normally as he ever did; demanding cuddles and feeding every five minutes, purring like a machine and sleeping in awkward places. He's a bit battered and bruised but we're just happy that he's back and will be fine. Thank you everyone who commented on Facebook - we're all a bunch of crazy cat cabarati really, aren't we!

On Saturday night I nipped out for a lovely show at Proud Cabaret; the line-up was fabulous as ever and Hollie and Rosie from Burlesque On Ice came along for the evening as well! It was fab to have them in the audience, to see Joe Morose and I in our natural habitat!

Mirror Picture! With Taz Zebrowski, Bettsie Bon Bon, Joe Morose and Helen Orford!

With Hollie Deller and Joe Morose!

I've spent today being a domestic goddess, completing the dreaded tax return, and crystalling robes for the skaters in Burlesque On Ice. And you know what, I've not changed out of my PJ's all day - Happy Sunday!

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