Monday, 13 January 2014

Showgirl Magic

Is this my first proper 'What I've Been Up To' blog of 2014? I think it might be... I mean I wrote about New Years Eve but that was half in last year and doesn't really count, and the Resolutions post was more about what I *intend* to be up to... can you tell I'm tired?

So, hello! Welcome to 2014 - how's it been for you so far? I'm exhausted already!

This week has been lovely, if a little hectic: on Sunday I worked with Zebrowski Photography to create a sexy little teaser video for 'Psyche'... (more on that later) and take some promo shots.

Teaser video for Psyche...

My favourite images from the shoot

On Monday I was in skating rehearsals, getting back to grips with the ice after the Christmas break! It was great fun to be back with the Burlesque On Ice girlies and we all went for a coffee and lunch mid-skate which was lovely.

Tuesday was a day of meetings and running errands before heading to Simon Drake's House of Magic for a late Christmas show. It was great to meet the fabulous Lolo Brow properly at last as she joined the family for the night, and the show was as wonderful as ever! It's brilliantly bonkers to be part of such a fantastic show and I love it!

Mirror Picture! With Lolo Brow, Stevie and Beulah Bell!

On Wednesday I was back in 'real life' work, and had a bit of a brain-frying day, but it was followed up by a few cheeky, apres-work drinkies with Emma, my manager, which made me feel much more normal before I had to dash off to meet Antonia Lynch, the insanely talented costume designer for Burlesque On Ice, to discuss my costumes for the show. I'm very over-excited about them and can't wait!

After a quick coffee and a chat I had to dash off once again to meet the gorgeous Bruise Violet who has made me the most amazing chiffon boa for 'Psyche' - it's like a candy-floss explosion! Simply gorgeous!

We only had time for a quick hug and for me to pick up the boa before I had to jet back across London as one of my favourite people, Lili La Scala, had invited me to watch Black Cat Cabaret at the opulent Grill Room - the show was incredible; the cast was phenomenal, including Lili herself, Dusty Limits, Vicky Butterfly and the sensational Lady Rizo. I felt like I had been whisked to Paris during the Belle Epoque in such beautiful surroundings and it was a perfect way to end a busy day.

The ceiling of the Grill Room

At the weekend I was excited and nervous: finally debuting my new act, 'Psyche' at Proud Cabaret, City. It's been in development for over a year, since I first had the idea to finally getting my act together (excuse the pun) and performing the damn thing so lots of nerves as a year or so's worth of work came together...


The act was inspired, in part, by the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee's signature routine 'Psychology of a Striptease Artist', in which she spoke to the audience about what was on her mind. I wanted to lift the lid on the glamour and seduction of burlesque and reveal what we actually think about while we're performing; contrasting the biggest cliches (over-the-top sparkly costume, the most obvious piece of music) with the mundane mind-wanderings of a performer who has done a routine so many times they can think about what to have for tea while seducing an audience...

Fortunately for my nerves, I performed alongside some wonderful people who were all very lovely about the fact that I lurched between petrified silence and verbal diarrhoea!

Mirror Picture! With Taz Zebrowski, Michael Standen, Betsy Rose and Joe Morose!

So that's that! The next few weeks are a whirlwind as we go into intensive rehearsals for Burlesque On Ice; and I can't wait!


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