Monday, 7 May 2012

Cats and Travels

Once again I have been touring the country with my cabaret family in The Burlesque Show. This May bank holiday weekend saw us travelling the length of the country to begin in Poole, Dorset at the Lighthouse Theatre.

Full House!

The audience were wonderful - even some technical hitches that began at the top of the show and seemed to continue throughout didn't mar their enjoyment! It was lovely to be joined again by my bawdy-whore in crime Dolores Delight (the Elvis-raping was especially fun!), I very much enjoyed Dolly Rose's performances as I've not seen her new acts and they were absolutely gorgeous, and, being on the seafront, Kittie Klaw's 'A Little Seaman' act went down extremely well indeed!

Mirror Picture! With Lili La Scala and Kittie Klaw

The next morning we piled into cars and began our cross-country convoy to the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham to one of the most incredibly beautiful theatres I've ever been in.

The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

We were joined for this show by the gorgeous Missy Malone, who is a Cheltenham local, and it was lovely to have Elle Amour back with us again.  Once again we had a full house and a fabulous audience, and since the show began at 8, we were finished by 10, so early nights all round!

Sound-check and photo opportunity: With Missy Malone, Coco Malone, Lili La Scala, Jim Devereaux and Elle Amour

Mirror Picture! With Elan Koszuk, Elliot Mason, Jim Devereaux, Coco Malone, Missy Malone, Elle Amour and Kittie Klaw. 

Myself and the gorgeous Elle Amour.

I wish we could spend longer in the places we visit on tour - I especially wanted to have a nosy around all the quaint little shops along Poole's seafront (and eat fish and chips, obviously!) and visit the Cheltenham Jazz Festival which was in full swing as we left the theatre.
However, I was happy to be arriving home as (people who know me in real life or follow me on Twitter will know my little cat, Piglet, was pregnant), when I walked through the door, I found this:


There are four (I think - typically she's had them in an impossible to reach place!) - there should have been five, unfortunately, but the rest are doing well - making a racket considering their size! - and momma cat is taking care of them.  I am officially a crazy cabaret cat lady!

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