Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Photoshoot - Scott Chalmers (Behind the Scenes)

On Monday I made an epic trek down to Southampton to shoot with one of my favourite photographers Scott Chalmers - I worked with him last year and I love his use of light and shadow to create stunning pictures.

Scott Chalmers Photography

We were shooting several of my costumes: one new act and one very old act that I have never had promotional images of as it is too large to fit into a standard studio! We took advantage of the lovely evening weather to get some outdoor images of my 'Cottingley Fairy' act with the sunset, a light breeze and the occasional bemused dog walker!

Very, very cold! But nice and sunny at least.

Back in the studio we worked on some promotional images for my new act 'Corbeau' using a variety of different lighting set ups and backdrops to get different effects, then (as tiredness kicked in) we broke out the glitter and it all went a little bit wrong...

I'm so excited to see the finished results, but in the meantime, here are a few sneaky ones and 'behind the scenes' pics too...

Shooting 'Corbeau' - behind the scenes and a finished image

Cabaret Tea **  ** My calling card... :P

Glitter Monster!


  1. The New Forest is a better place for having such a beautiful fairy flitting about at sunset. Thank you for making the journey down, and I'm loving the images so far. xxx

    1. Aah, thank you!
      And thank you for allowing me to cover your house in glitter!