Monday, 21 May 2012

Weddings and Windmills

On Friday I was excited and privileged to be asked to perform at the wedding of The Great Voltini and Nurse Electra. It took place at Carter's Steam Fair: a beautiful, vintage fairground in West Wycombe and I attended the service too along with Joe Black and Kittie Klaw - we were particularly intrigued by the invitation which instructed us to meet at The Wall of Death...

The marriage of The Great Voltini and Nurse Electra!

The ceremony was beautiful, personal and unique... and concluded by the bride taking an impromptu trip on a motorbike around the wall of death!

Electra Voltini on The Wall Of Death!!

All afternoon was taken up with playing on the fairground rides and vintage slot machines, followed by myself, Joe and Kirsty putting on a show for the wedding guests along with Frank Sanazi!

Joe Black outside our venue for the evening!

Showtime! With James Malach, Arran Shurvington, Frank Sanazi, Joe Black and Kittie Klaw




Seen around the vintage steam fair!

Kirsty and I were excited to be staying in a gorgeous little hotel called The George and Dragon, which was obviously haunted and the landlord took great pleasure in regaling us with ghost stories over a nightcap! And as we didn't have to dash away in the morning we went for a stroll around the beautiful village.


Our lovely hotel, the village and scenery.

I did, however, have to catch a mid-afternoon train to travel to Swansea for the legendary Bluestocking Lounge at the Grand Theatre. I was performing alongside my darling Flixx Demontrant and I was excited to finally meet Lilly Laudanum who both produces the event and performs! Another fantastic performer I had heard a lot about was Shirley Windmill (named after a bus stop in Croyden!) and she had me in stitches during both of her acts!
The audience were fabulous and appreciative, and the after-show feedback was wonderful! All in all, a fabulous couple of days!!

Backstage at The Bluestocking Lounge with Shirley Windmill, Atheria Hart and Flixx Demontrant


  1. You all looked amazing! What a fabulous day. :D xx

  2. What a gorgeous idea - brilliant!! :)