Friday, 11 May 2012

Photoshoot - Tigz Rice (Behind the Scenes)

This week I was excited to have a photoshoot with the wonderful Tigz Rice - a London based photographer who specialises in Burlesque and Boudoir photography. She is also a fabulous Burlesque performer herself so she knows exactly how to make her models feel and look good.

I had wanted to shoot with Tigz for a while - she has worked with many of the top Burlesque performers from London and further afield and I admired her work so I was lucky enough to receive the photoshoot as an early birthday present to allow me to update my portfolio and shoot some new costumes :)

Glitter and Champagne - the Showgirl lifestyle!

Once Tigz and Taz had finished geeking out over camera lenses and lights, we managed to get through two costumes (one new act and one updated costume for an old act) and two boudoir-style outfits, including my gorgeous vintage pink gown, in time for Tigz to dash off to London Burlesque Festival where she was looking forward to judging the Boylesque catagory!

The highlight of the shoot for me was definitely being able to photograph the finale of my new act 'Sugar' which uses a champagne bottle full of glitter! I can't wait to see the pictures when they're ready!

In the meantime, Taz managed to get a few sneaky 'behind-the-scenes' shots in, so enjoy...!

Tigz at work

Glitter carnage **  ** Sparkly shoes

 Cheeky shots in between poses

I arrived home covered in sparkles to two hungry kitties and four sleeping kittens - so here is another shameless picture of the babies (because I am a crazy cabaret cat lady, and I don't care!)

Names for now (from the bottom, up): Patches, Ginger, Tails and Fosse

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