Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nights Out

Well this has been a lovely week! I began in grand style by joining a gym! It's something I've intended to do for a long time but kept putting it off, however with January being the traditional month of joining gyms and starting diets, I thought I would submit to the cliche and sign up.
The first couple of days I ached so much I could barely walk! It brings to mind this Dara O'Braian sketch:

But over the next couple of days I started to get into the rhythm of it, and since I can go to Pilates and Yoga classes there too, as well as have a dip in the pool after my workout, it's definitely worth it!

On Thursday I enjoyed a rare night out at Volupte Lounge watching Dave-The-Bear's show, which was lovely though it's strange to be there without a giant suitcase in tow!

Dave-The-Bear and Dave-The-Band on-stage at Volupte

On Friday and Saturday I was performing at the beautiful Proud Cabaret, and, in the words of a fellow performer "We smashed the back doors off some Cabaret!" The audiences were perfect, the line-ups were fabulous and everything simply worked. Mat Ricardo commented that it was the best audience he had performed to in a long time, and the comments from everyone after the show were wonderful! I definitely came away on a complete show high!

Mirror Picture! Friday Night with Taz, Dan, Ruby Deshabille, Scarlett Belle, Mat Ricardo, Michael Standen and Neil Lewis

Mirror Pictures! Saturday Night with Slinky Sparkles, Michael Standen, Mat Ricardo, Taz, Dan, Missy Fatale and Kai Hoffman

On Sunday I had a lovely treat with a massive Sunday dinner at one of my favourite restaurants BoDean's in the City. **So much food!**

BoDean's Sunday dinner

Monday afternoon was something I've been looking forward to for a long time - the Big Burlesque... Tea Party! A whole host of Cabaret lovelies took themselves off to the glorious Kettners in Soho for High Tea and champagne, and it was wonderful!

High Tea at Kettners

However, in true Burlesque Night Out style, it rapidly descended into carnage as we moved on to the Coach and Horses pub where we took full advantage of the piano... oh dear...

Luke Meredith having a good ol' fashioned knees up

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