Sunday, 13 January 2013

On The Road Again

This weekend has been a wonderful whirlwind of shows and adventures! On Thursday afternoon I met with the the gorgeous Chrys Columbine for a late Christmas lunch on Portobello Road and we whiled away several hours at my favourite bistro 'Goode and Wright', with wine, champagne and lovely food. 
That evening I went to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to watch Tricity Vogues new musical 'Heels of Glory' and it was great fun: a witty script, catchy songs and so many of the London Cabarati turned up, it was truly wonderful. It was also Tricitys birthday, so what better excuse for a bit of a party?!
After the show, on a whim, I headed over the the glorious Hippodrome Casino with Millie Dollar, for 'Boom and Bang Circus' and was completely blown away by the amazing line-up! I especially loved seeing Laurie Hagens incredible reverse striptease live, and watching one of my favourite performers, Johan Lipovich, live for the first time as I am a huge fan, and watching the world premier of Dott Cottons new act which was a fabulously executed tribute to the music-hall star 'Little Titch'. I also met the legendary Klare 'Ya Ya' Wilkinson for the first time; it's so nice meeting people that I've heard so much about and seen so much of their work, then they are just as lovely as you hope they will be (and she has the *best* laugh ever!)

Friday I was back on tour for the New Year with 'The Burlesque Show'! It's back, and bigger and more spectacular than ever before!

The Burlesque Show

We began at the beautiful Buxton Opera House; an absolutely stunning venue! 

Buxton Opera House

The show was hosted by Kiki Kaboom, and, alongside Elliot Mason and Elan Kosuk, also featured a variety of amazing performers including the Mazeppa Cossaks, Ed Muir and the gorgeous Carrie-Ann. One of the highlights of the night for me was watching Glorian Grays 'Trampoline Striptease' which was joyfully inspirational and hysterically funny!

Mirror Pictures! Sharing a dressing room with Carrie-Ann ** With Ed Muir, James Malach and Glorian Gray

After the show we headed to our hotel for the evening, and I can honestly say it is one of the most bonkers places I've ever stayed: magazine covers and articles covered the walls, mingling with framed portraits of silver-screen actors and matinee idols; glass cases held displays of stuffed toys, kinder-egg prizes and lego models; marionette puppet dioramas lined the shelves and the bar was playing Michael Jacksons Greatest Hits, projected onto a giant screen above the patio chairs and tables that served as furniture! Glorian Gray and I were staying in the 'Johnny Depp Room' - win!

Johnny Depp pictures lining the walls of our room ** The door key...

Glorian with the magazines and puppet shows ** A 'decorative' sink

The next morning we packed the cars up and headed to Northampton for the next show: this is the third time 'The Burlesque Show' has been to the Royal and Derngate Theatre, and we found out that on one of our previous visits, the show had won 'Show of the Year' for the Northampton area! So it was a sold-out, excitable crowd that awaited us that evening!

Royal and Derngate brochure

Instead of Elan, for this show we were joined by Rod Laver and Alexandra Hofgartner, which was wonderful as, not only is their double act one of my favourite routines ever, Alex is also one of my favourite people ever!

With Alexandra Hofgartner

After a hectic weekend I was happy to be heading back to London that night, and looking forward to spending a couple of relaxing days... erm... catching up on admin, filing my tax return, working on two new acts and updating two old costumes... never mind...

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