Sunday, 6 January 2013

No Rest For The Wicked

Well it has been a splendid start to the year - definitely no rest for the wicked!

Proud Cabaret - my home away from home for the weekend

The weekend began with a lovely little show on Friday evening for a small but perfectly formed audience - they were certainly enthusiastic, and with a wonderful line-up they had a lot to be enthusiastic about!

Mirror Picture! With Taz, Teddy Boylesque, Electra, Kai Hoffman and Hayley

On Saturday I was back at Proud; and don't you hate that moment when you show up in the same outfit as someone else...

For the love of Leopard Print

It was another fabulous show, with a great line-up. I even managed to get the two acts I performed that evening recorded: the leopard-print costume is for my 'Shake it Doll' act - an old routine that has recently had the costume well and truly pimped by the gorgeous Louise O'Mahony and is probably one of my favourite outfits now!

Mirror Picture! With Abi Collins, Beau Rocks, Kai Hoffman and Jolie Papillon (and Taz is in there too - hidden behind the tape on the mirror!)

I love shows at Proud as it feels like a big, albeit highly dysfunctional family. And the following day was no exception with an unprecedented number of burlesque reprobates descending on the club for an extremely random, but fun photo-shoot day!

Behind the Scenes

With two fantastically talented photographers and more performers than you could shake a swarovski-covered stick at, it was a long, tiring but very fun day and I can't wait to see the results of all of our shenanigans!

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