Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Quick Blog

I've delayed this blog for longer than I usually would as I've had quite an annoying weekend and didn't want to post anything I might later regret (earlier drafts of this blog prove that point!

The weekend started off with so much promise: my January has, so far, been pretty damn good to be honest - I've had a lot of fabulous shows, started work on exciting new acts, costumes and concepts, a couple of exciting developments, and it was even snowing!

On Friday I even had an audition - the first in a long time! Obviously I don't know whether I'm even through to the recalls but I miss the feeling of an audition: the nerves in the waiting area, the adrenaline rush when your music starts and that euphoria when you know you've nailed it. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

That evening I joined the gorgeous Tempest Rose at Volupte Lounge for a lovely show with some of my favourite people. The weather had put a lot of people off leaving their houses for the evening (the radio was warning people to leave work early because of expected blizzards!) but our audience was perfectly enthusiastic and lovely. Leonie and I even got a round of applause as we headed to the bar after the show!

Mirror Picture! With Tempest Rose, Dolly Rose, Leonie Soprano and Tina

Saturday, by complete contrast, was a complete write off. I'm not going into details but suffice to say it was one of the most annoying days I've had in a long time.

Sunday redeemed itself as I took myself to the Hammersmith Vintage Fair - I didn't buy anything but I love having a rummage around the beautiful clothes, hats, sparklies and furs on offer! And we got to walk through Hammersmith in the blizzarding snow which was really lovely, and shelter in a gorgeous little cafe with plenty of food and coffee - perfect Sunday!

This week has begun quite well, so hopefully it will make up for the annoyances of the last few days and I can be back to my usual upbeat self soon!

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