Sunday, 14 October 2012

All that Glitters

After a busy week last week, I had a relatively quiet weekend this time! It was lovely though - I spent a few days choreographing a new act and re-working an old one, which is quite exciting!

Sneak-peek of the new costume and jewellery for my new act 'Midnight'

On Friday I was back at the beautiful Rouge bar, performing alongside the equally beautiful Ruby Deshabille.

Mirror Picture! With Ruby Deshabille

I took two of my Art-Nouveau acts: Cottingley Fairy and Peacock, to contrast with Ruby's classic showgirl routines. I really enjoy performing at Rouge as it is such a lovely venue and the audience was fabulous!

On Saturday I was booked for a private birthday party with a Moulin Rouge theme! They really went all out to make the place look gorgeous and all of the guests were dressed to the nines too!

Photos from the event

I took three of my big, showgirl acts and debuted my new routine too! It went slightly wrong but not too bad for a first try. The gorgeous blue costume was made for me by Louise at Oh My Honey, and it is stunning: I feel like a million dollars in it! The amazing matching organza boa is by Bruise Violet at Sucker For A Heartbeat; I've never had an organza boa before but I think I'm converted from feathers! I also invested in a new gown for my 'Sugar' act, which is super-sparkly and over-the-top fabulous!

Showgirl costumes, ready to go!

Showgirl, ready to go!

Private parties can sometimes be a little bit hit-or-miss but the party-goers were wonderful and welcoming, and I got so many lovely compliments after the show I came home tired but very happy indeed!

Mouse waiting for me at home - Cat in a box...

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