Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bang Tidy

This weekend saw me heading up to Leeds for the wonderfully named show "Bang Tidy Burlesque" run by the indomitable Heidi Bang Tidy.

Backstage with Lilly Laudanum and Anna Fur Laxis

I was performing my act 'Snowstorm' for the final time before retiring this act - I have had it for so many years and I never felt it was working quite the way I wanted it too, so time to hang it up and concentrate on new ventures. However the show was fabulous and it was lovely to see so many old friends. I even got a few pictures back from the night already!


Pictures from 'Corbeau' and 'Snowstorm' by Laurie Cooper-Murray

Quote of the night came from Anna Fur Laxis: "Shall I show you how to kerb a mother-f**ker?"

I took a trip to Brighton this week to visit Louise O'Mahony who makes my costumes - we're working on a few new ones so it was time to get measured while wearing my tightlacing corset to make sure the dresses fit! Louise is fabulous and also runs my favourite vintage dress company 'Oh My Honey

A windy day on Brighton Pier

Sneak peek of my new costume bits...

I also managed to have a day off this week, and took advantage of it to go to the National Portrait Gallery with the beautiful Dolly Rose to visit the Marilyn Monroe exhibition.


Now those of you who watch the television abomination that is The X Factor will be aware of the head judge, Gary Barlow, using the words "Too Cabaret" to critique a singer that he believes is sub-par. The cabaret community didn't take too well to this insult, and so, organised by Frisky and Mannish, came together for a Cabariot Protest Video...

It was a long, tiring but utterly fabulous day with the cream of London Cabaret performers, all coming together in a cacophony of gospel vocals. We had brainwashing, sequins, passionate solos, convenient lighting changes, pizza, knives, witty one-liners, makeovers, endless tea, and lots and lots of giggling. 

Cabarati Assemble! ** Coco and Caroline take advantage of Joe's doughnuts...

Joe Black ** Vicky Butterfly

Laurie Hagen and Sally ** Mat Ricardo

I can't wait to see the final result... I shall post it here when it's ready! In the meantime, Mat has also written a blog about the Caberiot, with much better photos than mine! You can have a read of that here...

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