Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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Those of you who have read my blog in the past may remember that I used to write Glossybox and Beauty reviews.

Well I stopped ordering Glossyboxes in order to save money for new costumes (priorities!) but I recently decided to treat myself to a new, three-month subscription and my October box arrived this morning!

 I've missed these beautiful little presents!

This months box also contributed towards Cancer Research

List of products - the theme was 'home pampering: escape from Winter weather'

Anatomicals: Don't Just Clean it, Woman, Scrub it - Body Scrub
A cute package and a lovely, pink grapefruit scent. I used this in my morning shower and although it lathered up nicely I had to use quite a lot and the grains are very fine: I prefer quite a coarse grain in my body scrubs. The product is described as having 'a bravura sense of charm and wit' - well I can't say as I thought quite that much of it, but it was a nice, gentle product that I will use through the winter to keep my skin polished.

Yves Rocher France: Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser - Hydra Vegetal
A nice sized product that fits perfectly into my travel toiletries bag. The texture felt more like a good quality serum as I applied it and definitely left my skin feeling moisturised and smooth.I couldn't say whether it instantly smoothed wrinkles though, as I don't have any! It's not as rich as the moisturisers I usually use, but it is a nice, light product and I will use it while travelling as it felt quite refreshing.

Skinetica: Anti Blemish
I have dry/combination skin and do get small blemishes and spots every now and then, so I was happy to receive this product. I expected it to smell like tea-tree however it was a very light, slightly medicinal but inoffensive scent. I used a cotton-tip to apply to a small skin blemish and it stung slightly (which I always presume to mean it's working!) It also made my skin feel quite tight but it says 'results in 2-3 days' so we'll see.

Green People: Organic Self-Tan
Now I rarely, if ever, use fake tan - my one or two forays into this area of a beauty regime have had interesting consequences and I prefer to embrace my pale and interesting look. However, for the purposes of research I did use a tiny amount on the back of my hand (so I may end up with a biscuit-coloured left hand tonight!) The scent initially reminded me of play-doh however it's now developed into a sort of peach/tea aroma, which is unusual but not unpleasant. It had a nice texture and the little I used went an alarmingly long way! The packaging says the colour will develop over several hours, so again, we'll see how it goes!

Sally Hansen: Complete Salon Manicure - 340 Black Platinum
I love having painted nails: I love the look of my hands with a slick of colour on my talons, however I *hate* the process of painting them! I have to say, I was quite disappointed with this product. It is described as being '5 steps of a manicure in one bottle: base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat.' Well I suppose it may be, but I don't think they intended it to take five coats to build up a solid colour!


Four coats and some patches are still uneven!
The colour went on smoothly, though, and I liked the shaped brush which allowed me to apply the varnish quickly and accurately. It also dried quite quickly, which is handy when I had to put so much on!

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