Monday, 22 October 2012

Showgirl on Tour

Gosh this weekend has been a busy one! I've been up and down the country, with a whole host of lovely people and it's been wonderful - so prepare yourself for a LONG blog with LOTS of pictures!!

This pretty much sums up my entire weekend

But first... remember last week when I blogged about the Cabariot? Well you can follow all of the gossip on Facebook but the video is finally here and it's fabulous!

At the time of writing, it had had nearly 55,000 views in five days!

The video was even re-tweeted by Gary Barlow, who called it 'Amazing' and has made it into The Guardian, The Stage, Time Out and This is Cabaret!

Filming still: with Sarah-Louise Young and Laurie Hagen as girl band 'Zone Trois' !!

Anyhow: on Wednesday I dragged myself out through the rain to watch the Cream Tease Show at Proud Cabaret with Chrys Columbine - it was a fabulous evening catching up over a couple of cocktails and wine, and the show was a joy to watch: especially the lovely Lady Catalina who I'd heard of for years but never seen perform before.

With the gorgeous Chrys Columbine, and lots of wine and cocktails!

The second glass of wine may not have been the best idea as I had to wake up ridiculously early on Thursday to travel up to Harrogate - it was worth it though.

The beautiful Yorkshire countryside

I was dancing at a gala evening to celebrate Hoopers Department Stores 30th Birthday Celebrations alongside Vicky Butterfly, Adelina Le Shay, Allegra Noir and Em Brulee. The store had gone all-out with the decorations and staff costumes and the place looked fabulous!

Decorations in the store ** Em and Adelina

Store Decorations

**If you haven't watched the Cabariot video yet, you have to watch it to get this picture, but trust me, it's funny!**

Mirror Picture! With Penny Sweets and Dalia (organisers!), Allegra, Adelina, Em and Vicky

Photo Booth!

I stayed overnight with Dalia, and she even provided me with a cat to keep me company in case I got homesick! 

Danzig - fluffiest cat ever!

On Friday I was up early again, this time to travel to Manchester to meet up with Kittie Klaw and Coco Malone for a road-trip back down South to Epsom for The Burlesque Show.

Newspaper and Magazine advertisements for The Burlesque Show

It was a fantastic show - I was particularly nervous for the proper debut of my new act 'Midnight' but I think it went well!

Backstage peeks of the new costume! Dress is by Louise O'Mahony

Mirror Picture! With Vicky Butterfly, Kittie Klaw, Lili La Scala, Dolly Rose and Coco Malone

As Epsom isn't too far away from London, I travelled back home with Vicky, Dolly and Elliot Mason, and boy was I happy to be sleeping in my own bed!

On Saturday I was back at the gorgeous Proud Cabaret, again performing 'Midnight' and the reworked version of my glitter act 'Sugar' - they both went well though, fortunately! And Neil Lewis from Behind Burlesque was on hand to catch a few performance shots too!

Performance shots of 'Midnight' (Neil Lewis and Filming Still)

Performance shots of 'Sugar' (Neil Lewis)

I also managed to get them filmed (on my iPhone so not great quality!)



My favourite thing about this show was finally watching Leah Debrincat perform live - I'd heard so much about her and she was just as mesmerising as I expected her to be! 

Mirror Picture! With Ben Brown, Teddy Boylesque, Kai Hoffman, Dan Serra, Slinky Sparkles and Leah Debrincat

A well-deserved Champagne Cocktail to wind down after my hectic weekend!

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