Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Days Off and Nights Out

After a busy weekend I was looking forward to a lovely day off: I had found out about a Vintage Fair in Belsize Park, so Taz and I drove out to have a look. Unfortunately it was closed so we wandered down into Camden instead and spent a nice afternoon browsing around the Vintage, Antiques and knick-knacks on offer.

My favourite stall of the day was a fabulous little perfume store which looked like a cross between an Egyptian Bazzar and an Apothecaries! After selecting the essential oil for the base of the perfume, the owner, Mac, mixes it bespoke! I bought two, and an aftershave for Taz and they smell gorgeous.


Cleopatra's Perfume Palace in Camden Stables Market

I also fell in love with, and bought, a gorgeous winter coat - it's not vintage but it's so luxurious and ridiculously impractical, I had to have it!

On Tuesday, the Cabaret reprobates gathered in Soho for the third Burlesque Night Out - always a great time!

Starting the night early in Leicester Square with Millie Dollar, Scarlet Cuffs, Kitty Devine and Beau Rocks

We met at The Arts Club in Soho for dancing and cocktails in teapots... it all gets slightly blurry after this so I'll just pop up a load of pictures here!

Cocktails in Teapots... here we go!

Scarlet ** Beau and Coco DuBois

With Coco, Scarlet, Hayley, Kitty and Beau

Coco, and me trying to eat Scarlet's face... ** Taz with Beau and Coco

Scarlet and I ** Randi Lee and Taz

Too Cabaret? Damn straight!

Splits! Randi, Kitty,Scarlet and...erm, Taz! ** Joe and I

Millie and I ** Kitty, Dolly Rose and Elsie Diamond 

Taz with the blondies! ** Joe and Slinky Sparkles

Amory and Beau ** Beau, Millie and I

With Slinky! ** Slinky, Coco and I attempting to eat Joe's hair...

This could have been part of the problem...

Fortunately, today has been a wonderfully lost day of dozing, watching movies, drinking tea and eating chips... blissful!

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